The Story of a Photographer


Since I'm asking to tell your story, it would seem only natural that you would want to know mine.

Hi, I am Jacinta! I am a photographer living in the beautiful Somerset Region, surrounded by beautiful grassy paddocks and idyllic country views. My goal is to create an experience and invoke the real and raw, love-filled connections in my sessions. When you look back at these photos I want you to remember the feelings, laughs, conversations, and the genuine connection in your images. My style is warm, relaxed and minimalistic, just like me.

I am a lover of nature and all things creative. You can always find me either drinking an oat milk latte, listening to records, or taking a break lakeside with my SUP at either Wivenhoe or Atkinson Dam! I am Queensland born and bred, having lived and travelled through this part of the country - all the way from Cape York to South East Queensland. My ultimate goal is to travel Australia whilst being able to capture ladies and lovers in their element (and on their special day).

I'm open to all travel within Australia (& beyond) - get in touch to discuss!